1st April, 2019

Born for This

During the season of Lent, a group of twenty pupils helped perform a presentation of the Stations of the Cross.

The performance took us through the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It used drama and song and created a real sense of the significance of Jesus’ Passion and Death.

In The Midst Of It

We used the sports hall for the performances, with the congregation seated around the stage, close to the action! We had three performances during the day and for the final performance we were joined by Years 5 and 6 of St Teresa’s School.


The Briars team, led by Tom, joined us for two days to work on the performances. The team are part of the Nottingham Diocese Catholic Youth Service.

The twenty performers worked with the team for only one day prior to the performances, learning their positions and actions, their music and lyrics and how to convey the impact of all the characters in the Passion story.

Thank You

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the day: the Briars Team, CJM for creating the original performance, the music tech and drama support, the PE department for giving us their space and the performers themselves, who managed to put together three deeply thought-provoking performances.