30th April, 2020

Behaviour and Emotional Wellbeing Support for Parents

Please see the guides below for information on behavioural support and strategies for parents and students during lockdown.

Nottingham Behaviour Support Team Behaviour Strategies Parent booklet

Nottingham Behaviour Support Emotion Help Booklet for children

Parent support during the lockdown

Please remember that if you are worried about your child’s emotional well-being or behaviour during this difficult time, you can speak to your child’s progress coordinator for support or contact a member of the safeguarding team at Trinity, we are here and happy to help.

Progress Coordinators
Year 7 Mr Holt a.holt@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk
Year 8 Miss Robertson h.robertson@trinity.nottignham.sch.uk
Year 9 Mr Danaher n.danaher@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk
Year 10 Mrs Wisdish c.wisdish@trinity.nottigham.sch.uk
Year 11 Mr Wilson r.wilson@nottingham.sch.uk

The Safeguarding Team
Mrs Aitchison e.aitchison@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk
Miss Ridgley h.ridgley@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk
Mrs Wilkinson s.wilkinson@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk
Miss Richards t.richards@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk

Call the school on 01159296251 or the safeguarding team on 07885803770