Catering at The Trinity Catholic School

Trinity has its own in-house catering team that provide a varied, healthy and nutritious menu. The catering team are also committed to government guidelines and try to exceed them where possible. The canteen offers a varied menu throughout the day – at break time and lunchtime – providing nutritious home-cooked meals using as many fresh ingredients as possible.

Overall, the school recognises the important connection between a healthy diet and a student’s ability to learn effectively.

The catering team help students make healthier choices by increasing awareness about food nutrition and we achieve this through leaflets, information and posters.

You can also visit ‘Chef’s Corner‘ for recipe ideas and challenges from our Chef. Click Here to see what challenges have been set this week and get cooking!

This Week's Menu (Week Beginning 23rd March)

Coated Chicken fillet with sweetcorn & Jacket potato

Mixed sandwiches & rolls

Jacket potatoes with fillings

Breakfast: Sausage roll, croissant, toasts, flapjack

Baked Lasagne with Garlic bread

Vegetable lasagne with garlic bread

Mixed sandwiches & rolls- Paninis

Breakfast: Pizza slice, toast, croissants, waffles

Hot Ciabatta Chicken & salad Sandwich

Jacket potatoes with Fillings-Mixed sandwiches & rolls

Breakfast: Mini hot dog, croissant, waffle, toast

Chicken & rice Paella with nachos

Mixed sandwiches & rolls, Chicken burger

Breakfast: breakfast Muffins, croissant, toasts, flapjack

Cheese slice or Omelette with Cajun wedges & beans

Jacket potato & fillings

Mixed sandwiches, Paninis

Breakfast: Pain au chocolat, waffles, toast, fruit

Extra Information

The Trinity catering team cater for many special days throughout the year, including:

Christmas Dinners


Themed Food Days

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday

Trinity has a Cashless System which allows students to make payments through the use of cards. It reduces the responsibility of carrying money and allows pupils to keep an account of their balance. Furthermore, parents can request a report of what their child has purchased. We also have the ability to set up a daily spend limit. Most importantly, the system alerts our staff of any allergies. If your child has allergies, please inform the school.

In March 2008, the School Food Trust conducted research into cashless catering systems and identified the following benefits:

For Pupils

  • Removes stigma for free school meal pupils by protecting their anonymity at the point of sale
  • Reduces queuing by speeding up delivery at the point of sale
  • Easy to use

For Parents

  • The card can be topped up online which ensures the money is used to purchase a school lunch
  • Can request a report on the eating habits of their child
  • Can set a daily spend limit
  • Alert staff to any allergies

Is your child entitled to free school meals? If they are, please register. At Trinity, the cashless system is highly effective in ensuring that students in receipt of free school meals remain confidential. The entitlement is automatically added to their account and they pay at the till in the same way other students. By removing cash from school canteens, free school meals pupils are immediately given anonymity.

For information on free school meals and to see if your child qualifies, please contact the School Office:


Telephone: 0115 929 6251

The canteen has a 5H award for hygiene, the highest food award on several visits from the environmental health inspectors. Criteria used to measure our hygiene rating are:

  • The current level of compliance of food hygiene practices and procedures including food handling practices, temperature control and potential cross-contamination from raw to cooked food.
  • The current level of compliance relating to the structure of the premises including cleanliness, layout, condition of the structure, lighting, ventilation, washing facilities etc.
  • Confidence in management of the business.

Parents, Carers and Pupils can now visit Chef’s Corner online. Here you will find everything you need to know about the food and catering at The Trinity Catholic School, plus lots more ideas to try at home.

We will have; Weekly Challenges, Dish of the Week,  Recipes and much more!

We hope you will interact with the site and take part in some of our weekly challenges and let us know how you get on by posting photos of your cooking creations!

You can ask questions about anything food-related, and later when we get going properly I will set competitions for food-related prizes.

The idea of this site is to engage everyone in simple fun recipes which you can cook at home with your family. There will be a home menu idea for parents or guardians to try as family meals or new innovative treats to make which don’t cost the earth.

Keep an eye on the Instagram page as I will be posting new dishes and recipes regularly.

Chef’s Corner

Have fun
Chef; TC

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