Modern Languages

Year 9 French Visit to the e-learning Centre

On 19th January 2012, 24 Year 9 learners of French visited the e-learning centre in the north of the city to try out both their French and ICT skills in a creative way.

The trip was organised by Mrs Rogers and Mrs Ancey-Taylor, both of whom gave linguistic support on the day, and the three knowledgeable and helpful technicians from the centre – Marie-Line, Dave and Rory - made the day go smoothly.

I enjoyed Comic Life and used a lot of French

- Nicole

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All pupils had the chance to do three activities.

The first one was Comic Life – a programme on the Mac machines which enables pupils to import pictures from the internet or from their own cameras and then add French speech bubbles. There were many different stories created, ranging from “un meutre à Paris” (murder in Paris) to “On chasse les zèbres” (chasing zebra).

I liked Comic Life and used my vocabulary in a fun way

- Jadee

The second activity was Crazy Talk – pupils make avatars and then record a French conversation which fits the movements of the mouths – again, these were very creative. There were dialogues in French about cannibalistic pieces of lego, two members of One Direction having a chat with each other, and arrangements to go to KFC.

Crazy Talk was the best – I liked creating my own speaking characters

- Harriet

The last activity was Claymotion – pupils made plasticine figures or animals, and using stop-go animation techniques made short films with French soundtracks. The titles of these varied from “Au Parc” (at the park) to the very enigmatic sounding “Ginger Love”!

I liked Claymotion – I liked working in a group and enjoyed being creative and expressing my ideas

- Mishine

Everyone agreed that they had used their French in a fun and creative way and would jump at the chance to go again.

I like Claymotion and had fun with my friends

- Karolina

Student Work

Here is a selection of the animations and Crazy Talk files created: